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I thought that I would share a bit about my “other” original music project. JD Strum is a guitar duo comprised of myself, the “D” in JD and Jeff Marks, the J. Jeff and I have been playing shows together for, jeez, well a long time. Together we have opened for Sister Hazel, Bret Micheals, Carbon Leaf, Low Millions, played second stage for Dave Mathews Band, Kansas and Deep Purple. We have probably logged 1000 shows. While originally an acoustic duo, we quickly became a full band with me playing the electric guitar. (I still prefer it to this day.)

We have written a bunch of tunes and one album to date “Just Another Story“. I’m really proud of the album having my first crack at co-writing a record.  I also, along with the studio owner/mixing engineer, co mixed and produced the album. My favorite fun fact is that I played every solo, on the album, in one take. Old School. Usually the first take. Our music is full of vocal harmonies, guitar interplay and some pretty darn infectious hooks. Please check it out by clicking on this link!


J.D. STRUM – JUST ANOTHER STORY (no label) Singer/guitarist Jeff Marks and guitarist/singer Drew Bentley first formed J.D. Strum, when Bentley accompanied Marks to perform at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg. Since then, J.D. Strum has been performing in and around their native Pittsburgh area, and has issued their debut CD, Just Another Story. J.D. Strum defines their collective sound over Just Another Story’s thirteen tracks as a mix of acoustic and electric rock and roll, with an emphasis on catchy melodies, crisp vocal harmonies and warm, easy-to-digest lyrics. A number of songs deal with relationship ups and downs; the upbeat “The Way She Walks,” “Everything” and “Crazy Crazy Way” are happier in tone, expressing fascination and wonder about significant others. On the other side of the coin, the stern, harder-edged rocker “The Drag” lashes out at mind games and deception; “Heart To Pen” pleads for more time to make it work; and “It’s All Good” chalks up an ended relationship to life experience. The introspective opener “Still Chasing” examines personal drive and ambition, and the edgy “On And On” explores the music career dream. The group also includes one remake, an acoustic folk treatment of Madonna’s “Borderline.” The performances are tasteful, with Marks’ calm, mildly soulful vocal delivery coming through warm and clear; supported by Bentley’s jazz-flavored guitar licks and occasional sterner riffing.

You can still catch a JD Strum show if you are in the Pittsburgh area.


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